Time suckers

The wolf strives to steal back those valuable nuggets of time.

Oh misery! There hasn’t been a spare second to write a decent growly post these past 2-3 weeks.

As any fellow Australia/New Zealand dwellers will know, this time of year means planning holidays, finishing projects, sorting camping trips, attending and organising end-of-term events, oh… and trying to dredge up that jolly Christmas spirit we’re all supposed to be feeling right now. Get your mince-pie filled Christmas body “beach-ready” folks! Chuck a bonbon on the barbie! Wipe the suncream from your furrowed brow, as class 3 belts out ‘Jingle Bells Rock’!

Valuable little sections of time – those sections creators use to write, draw and think in – are gobbled up with ceremonial goodbyes, end-of-term barbies, obligatory corporate Christmas dos, frantic present shopping and (for freelancers) finishing things off to earn a bit of cash before the ‘Big Quiet’ in January and February. Australia is a wealthy country still, and this is pretty evident when you see that a large section of the country can afford to take January and most of February off, gearing up again around mid-March.

There’ll be lots of writing in February. For now, please see below for a visual on the wolf’s interactions with the worst of time-stealers – the Epson Workforce WF-7520. Grrrrrrr.





But I have been listening to some good podcasts on productivity and working from home (while I work from home).

Home Work – A weekly podcast for people who work from home. Loads of practical advice about the practicalities of having a home office. Light listening with some real gems: “Time is by far your most valuable commodity. Money comes and goes, but you can’t take back time…” (episode #219)

Back to Work – discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more.

Beyond the To Do List: secrets from productive people, showing you how to complete good work and balance your life.

Happy Holidays…

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