‘How to Draw’ Chook Doolan

Have you seen those amazing ‘how to draw‘ galleries on The Guardian online – in the books section?

Well this isn’t quite like that.

Recently, a nice person called Steve at Walker Books asked me to put together some graphics for an activity sheet – to show school children how to draw Chook. So, below is my first ‘how to draw’! I think it’s in keeping with the lovely Chook Doolan books.

Before I started my ‘how to draw’, I quizzed myself: “How do I draw Chook? OR any character?”

There are two ways:

1) With a pencil, draw loads of little stick figures around some stick furniture with squiggly things for the background. Scribble over the sticks and squiggles to fill them out, while fretting about: what will be on the table/ on the walls/on the characters’ feet/in the foreground/on the roof; what season it is; is there room for a cute animal; should there be schoolbags; is anyone wearing a hat; and whether shirts button to the left or right. Carry on scribbling until it makes sense. Ink over the scribbles. Impatiently wait for ink to dry. Rub out pencil.


2) Like this:








I usually enjoy the ink bit best. As you can see, OPTION 2 is easier as it’s broken into measurable steps…

Author James Roy and publisher Walker Books did a presentation recently, up in Sydney, and they handed out these. They’re either little wooden heads for some Chook doll-making activity, or erasers. Just incase anyone from Walker reads this, the wolf would really like one.