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If you’re new to the industry then this is a quick and vital read. – hints and advice for writer
Oooh Mem! She’s a bit of a scold here. But, if you plan on writing for children, you’d be crazy not to read this at least once.
Straight-talk from an anonymous children’s editor – not updated for 5 years, but still worth a read.

ON ILLUSTRATION – sharing sketchpads – how to draw
Just two of the terrific sections from the Guardian Children’s Books site
A short, simple but helpful article on the illustration process for a picture book.
A few excellent illustration tips from the author/illustrator of ‘the Farmer and the Clown’
Plenty of wonderful and very generous tips and advice here – from folio creation, though to using PhotoShop and watercolour pencils.
An incredible resource on US illustration and illustrators – with interviews and loads of information on technique


The picture book den
Spend hours on here – learning from these generous folks – just come back to wolfie – won’t you?
Hours of browsing
Sarah McIntyre’s work is terrific, her work ethic is awesome and her site is chock full of advice, detail and opinion. I particularly like the faqs page, and this one on contacting illustrators directly to illustrate your manuscript, though haven’t quite had the courage to send enquirers the link yet.
Sarah also play a key role in #picturesmeanbusiness, a movement The Big Bad Book is very strongly in favour of.
A terrific series of posts by writer and illustrator Rebecca Elliot on creating picture books.