The day I lost my pig…

Stuck for inspiration? Steal ideas from a nearby wolf-cub!

The key times I find myself procrastinating are:

  1. When there’s something very urgent but difficult to tackle
  2. When I have a fun project to start, but I don’t know how to…
  3. And – worst of all – when there’s NOTHING to do, so logic dictates this is THE time to ‘play around’ with some of my art stuff…

I while ago I had some ‘free time’ (number 3 on list). I was horribly stuck on how to get started on drawing ANYTHING. So decided to leaf through some of the boys’ story ideas, and go from there. I scrabbled through the ever-growing pile of drawings on the living-room table – and re-discovered a mini-book that our son Joe (5 at the time) made with his dad. Joe dictated the words to his dad, and also drew the original drawings.

The story is called: The Day I Lost My Pig. Joe loves pigs. The Day I Lost My Pig has everything: loss, a story arc, surprises, pathos – and a lovely resolution.

Joe’s drawings had charm of course – but I took the liberty of re-imagining The Day I Lost My Pig in graphite and red gouache.








And here’s a pic from Joe’s earlier version – my favourite page: “I brang my pig home”:


I love ‘The Day I Lost my Pig’. And now, it’s dinnertime…

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  1. June 2, 2016

    Completely charming from start to finish!